AICC-A Digital Transformation Journey to Foster Member Engagement and Growth.


The Australia-India Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is an outcomes-focused organisation that is committed to facilitating trade between Australian and Indian businesses. India has emerged as the economic powerhouse of the 21 st century. As quoted by the organization "Our passion is to see sustainable growth for our members both within Australia and across India. We look forward to facilitating even more meaningful connections in upcoming years destined for tangible commercial success." Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of their members, AICC embarked on a journey to transform their digital presence. This case study explores their collaboration with memorres, a leading digital transformation consultancy, to achieve their ambitious goals of enhanced member engagement, streamlined business support, and an expanded online reach.

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AICC recognized a growing need to bridge the divide between their website and the evolving needs of their members.

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The Australia-India Chamber of Commerce (AICC) recognized a growing need to bridge the widening gap between their existing website and the evolving needs of their members. Their current website, while informative, struggled to keep pace with the changing demands of the digital age.
This growing disconnect presented AICC with several key challenges:

Member Engagement: AICC's members craved a more engaging and interactive online experience. They desired features like member logins, profile management, and interactive tools to facilitate networking, access essential resources, and foster a sense of community.

Streamlining Business Expansion: AICC sought to simplify the business expansion process for its members, especially those looking to venture into the other country (Australia or India). They needed a platform to offer easily accessible resources and connections, enabling members to navigate the intricacies of business ventures with greater ease.
Optimizing User Experience: The existing website, while providing valuable information, lacked an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It was in need of a comprehensive UI/UX refresh to ensure a modern, user-friendly, and accessible experience across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Expanding Online Reach: AICC aimed to attract new members and increase overall online engagement. A limited online presence hampered their ability to reach a wider audience and attract potential new members.


How could AICC differentiate themselves from their online counterparts?

Recognizing the limitations of their existing website, the Australia-India Chamber of Commerce (AICC) embarked on a collaborative journey with memorres. This initial phase, known as the digital transformation consulting phase, was crucial in unveiling the root causes behind AICC's digital challenges and identifying untapped opportunities for growth.

Through a series of in-depth workshops, user research techniques including surveys and interviews, and a comprehensive competitive analysis, we gained a holistic understanding of AICC's unique needs and the digital landscape they operated in. This exploration process yielded insights into:

AICC's Vision and Goals: What did AICC hope to achieve through digital transformation? What were their long-term objectives and aspirations for their online presence?

Member Behavior and Needs: How did members currently interact with the website? What were their pain points and unmet needs in terms of functionality, accessibility, and engagement?

Competitive Landscape: What were AICC's competitors doing well in the digital space? How could AICC leverage best practices and differentiate themselves from their online counterparts?

By analyzing the data gathered during the discovery phase, we identified several key challenges that were hindering AICC's digital potential:

Limited member engagement: The existing website lacked features that fostered community building. This resulted in a sense of disconnect, hindering the potential for a thriving online community.

Complex business expansion process: Accessing resources and connections for business ventures was time-consuming, creating a barrier for members looking to expand their businesses into new territories.

Improved user experience: Modernizing the website's design and functionality to enhance user-friendliness, accessibility, and overall satisfaction.

With a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities identified during the discovery phase, we partnered with AICC to develop a tailored and data-driven digital transformation strategy. This paved the way for the solution phase, where our expertise in various digital services would be used to address the identified challenges.




Addressed the identified challenges by implementing a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

Equipped with the valuable insights gleaned from the discovery phase, AICC and embarked on the solution phase. Through a collaborative and goal-oriented approach, we addressed the identified challenges that empowered AICC to achieve their vision for an improved online presence. This strategic plan involved various services provided by memorres, each contributing to AICC's aspirations:

Digital Transformation Consulting Services: We develop a data-driven digital transformation plan. This plan outlined specific actions and technologies aligned with AICC's goals, ensuring an impactful path towards online transformation.

UI/UX Consulting Services:, guided by user-centered design principles and insights from the discovery phase, conducted a complete UI/UX redesign of the website (A UI/UX Audit). This resulted in a user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing interface that aligns with AICC's brand identity, encouraging user engagement.

Website Development: Leveraging their web development expertise, rebuilt the website on WordPress. This platform provided AICC with a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly content management system, empowering them to easily manage and update their online content going forward.

Custom Theme and Responsive Design: A custom WordPress theme was developed to integrate with AICC's existing brand identity and a responsive design guaranteed optimal performance across all devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones, catering to a wider audience.

Strategic Digital Rollout: A meticulous rollout plan, jointly developed by AICC and, ensured a smooth transition to the new website features and functionalities. This collaborative approach minimized disruptions and ensured a positive user experience from launch.


By embracing these collaborative solutions, a robust digital ecosystem was established. This ecosystem empowers AICC to:

Enhance member engagement: New features like member logins, profile management, and interactive tools, powered by the integration of GlueUp, a third-party community management platform, fostered a more connected and engaged AICC community, facilitating interaction and collaboration among members.

Streamline member’s business expansion: The website became a centralized platform with resources and connections, simplifying the process for members seeking to expand their businesses across borders.

Elevate the user experience: The redesigned website provided a user-friendly and intuitive experience, improving user satisfaction and engagement, ultimately leading to a more positive perception of AICC's online presence.

AICC hence laid the foundation for sustainable growth, enhanced member engagement, and a solidified online presence in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This collective effort has positioned AICC to thrive in the digital age and continue to fulfill its mission of fostering trade and investment between Australia and India.

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Cultivating a Thriving Online Community and Sustainable Growth.

Active User Growth: The revamped website witnessed a 5% increase in active users, demonstrating members' enthusiasm for the new features and functionalities.

Enhanced Community Building: The introduction of member logins, profile management, and interactive tools fostered a whopping 20% rise in member-to-member interactions, fostering a more connected and collaborative AICC community.

Simplified Resource Access: The centralized platform offering resources and connections resulted in a 10% reduction in the time members typically spent searching for relevant information, facilitating smoother cross-border business ventures.
Improved User Satisfaction: A 5% increase in user satisfaction scores, measured through surveys and website analytics, highlighted the positive impact of the user-friendly and intuitive interface redesign.

Enhanced Accessibility: The responsive design ensured optimal performance across devices, leading to a 20% growth in mobile website traffic, showcasing AICC's commitment to accessibility and catering to a wider audience.

Overall, the collaborative effort between AICC and successfully transformed AICC's digital landscape. The implemented solutions empowered AICC to create a thriving online community, streamline business expansion for members, and elevate the overall user experience.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Ranjana Thanvi and Memorres over the last 12 months for website and digital marketing for the Australia India Chamber of Commerce. They have been very professional and flexible and I would highly recommend them if you require these type of services.

Harish Rao

AICC Executive Director

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