Puuni Oy

A web platform that is geared towards fighting Climate Change by correcting the muddy reputation of carbon offsets. They help companies neutralize the global warming impact of their commercial activities and gain real, sustainable added value for their brand through scientific evaluation.

Stunning web solution to calculate carbon emissions.






Market Research, Competitor Analysis, UI, Website Development, Support, Custom CO2 Calculator.
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The Problem

Need of an an actionable global concern.

Puuni Oy team discussed the idea with us about how carbon neutralization has become more of a chit-chat instead of an actionable global concern. They wanted to make an easy-to-understand yet concrete solution. They also needed a comparative study and research in the Indian market to test the feasibility of scaling globally.

Logo Concept

Logo concept illustration

Project’s brand identity is defined from the vision of giving back something to environment far greater than globalization, it’s original state, The green initiative. Hence, we accomplished the expectations by combining “Puuni” and the green.

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Website landing page
The Discovery

Carbon neutralization is a choice and not a mandate.

Under the discovery phase, based on the stakeholder’s interviews and competitor analysis, we noted that carbon neutralization is a choice for individuals and companies and not a mandate.

Hence, it was important for us to keep the design elements that invoke the realization of carbon emissions impact on future generations to come, and a belief that together it can be neutralized with the right efforts.

The insights emphasized bringing transparency and trust in the visual form. With the conscious design, Puuni Oy would become a transparent Finnish organization. It also would elaborate the role of companies to neutralize carbon emissions and municipality’s collaboration to convert wasteland into biodiverse forests.

We did competitor analysis to understand the pros and cons of their approach. The design notes for Puuni were always inclined towards the 2 simple points – the real impact and transparency.

The carbon calculator understanding along with all its elements was crucial to offer ease of use allowing companies to calculate the emissions for different components including AC, Flights, Driving, Heating to name a few, and buy credits accordingly.

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The Solution

A website with subtle pastel eco-friendly colors and clean typography.

Through collaborating with the Puuni team, a purpose was defined – to build a transparent ecosystem that impels companies to understand the carbon impact so they can contribute towards carbon neutralization and build a greener and healthier path for the future generations, ultimately giving them the sense of reparation.

To encourage and guide further the businesses led by people in age 25-55 and to convey this new purpose, we created a bold yet emotional design showcasing the current planet situation, the reason, the solution, and the goal. Memorres explored a range of fresh website designs based on these brand statements.

The approach brought the concept to life through subtle pastel eco-friendly colors, Scandinavian photography, clean typography, and transparent language.

As part of research analysis and report submission for scalability in India, we covered areas of CSR investment under environmental sustainability, eligibility, and credits to receive funds, market analysis for forestation projects, companies investing in environmental sustainability, legal assessment along with Govt policy for CSR funds and a summary of the overall analysis.

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The Results

Increase in interest by renowned companies to stand up together for the cause.

Puuni’s design uniqueness and its bold approach resulted in increased engagement and renowned companies in Finland invested in carbon neutralization through, making it a success.

Website design results

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