Pustaka is a digital subscription based platform for renting of e-books and audio books, both via Web & Mobile application. Pustaka has a repository of 5200+ eBook, 80+ audio books and 390+ authors in multiple languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and English.

UI/UX audit and brand revamp to increase engagement and conversions.






Logo Design, Prototyping, UI/UX Audit, Web UI, Responsive Design, Slicing, Mobile Application UI

implementation time

3 weeks
Project logo illustration
The problem

Whether the U/UX was intuitive enough?

Pustaka approached us for the UI/UX audit of their existing website and mobile application, owing to the challenges they were facing regarding conversions. Their internal team worked on another version, however they needed validation of whether their UX was intuitive enough.
Based on the UI/UX audit report we submitted, Pustaka collaborated with us to revamp their brand to transition to a compelling brand and known in the global world of digital reading.

Logo Concept

Project logo concept illustration

The brand identity of the product is defined with uniqueness of business values and vision. The vision wanted a more modern approach. Hence, we accomplished the expectations by combining “Pustaka word letter P”, “Stack of Books” and “Audio waves” with brand name “Pustaka”.

Pustaka Landing Page
Pustaka Audio Book Page
The Discovery

Implementing a user-centric redesign and meet the goals.

Our part of the discovery phase was getting the answers to specific questions based on the stakeholder’s interviews, user interviews, and surveys to learn more about:

  • Where are users getting stuck?
  • Where are they dropping off?
  • Why are they dropping off?
  • What do they not understand?
  • What is the Vision, Mission, Goal, Values, USP, and User demographics?

The insights outlined that for Pustaka to be a success we needed to do more than a redesign. By building a trustworthy and conscious brand, Pustaka would become an engaging brand and a valuable part of the regional readers globally.

We also used Analytics to evaluate the traffic, user behavior, and patterns. These analytics provided valuable quantitative information. The key to using analytics was to make sure the data goes back far enough that trends become obvious, otherwise the value of the information would be limited.
We used heuristic evaluation to identify where usability problems exist. The evaluation was based on a pre-established set of heuristics.

The objective of the audit was to bring transparency to the table for the client and design team with actionable items that are purely based on data.
The client and design team got a better understanding and reached a conclusion to implement a user-centric redesign, and more successfully meet their business goals.

User journey
Mobile application designs
The solution

Reshaping the website and mobile experience to introduce a balance.

To transform Pustaka from just another online subscription solution into a brand, we built a strategy oriented towards trust, originality, and regional connectivity.

We revisited the overall digital experience based on the UI/UX audit results. With a sharp focus on usability and user engagement, the brand story was amplified with personalized user experience and interactions. The preferences of the customers including Genres, Authors, Types, etc. enabled a seamless experience for browsing and searching eBooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, and authors. The CTAs were oriented towards limited and needed data capturing and subscriptions to realistically balance the UI/UX with business targets.

From the choice of colors to typography and iconography, the whole design system was built with the aim of connecting with the audience over the bridge of trust, regional connections, and knowledge.

We reshaped the website and mobile experience to introduce a balance between the subscription platform and an engaging experience.

Website designs

The Results

A growing loyal global community.

We have been able to partner with Pustaka to not only revamp the brand that successfully engages with a unique target audience but also to support them with design integrations while driving subscription growth as per their annual targets and build a growing loyal global community.

Our continued collaboration with Pustaka is set to grow the brand internationally.

Project Final designs

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