Salesforce + Hubspot

The solution aims to integrate Salesforce with HubSpot to automate the profile filtering based on the parameters set by hiring agencies.

Integrating HubSpot marketing tools with Salesforce CRM for a Recruitment agency.


Human resource




Integration, Data mapping, AWS infrastructure set up, DevOps, Automation Testing.

implementation time

12 weeks
Hubspot and salesforce integrations
The Challenge

To help and nurture the customers

Our client partner owns a B2B hiring platform that connects companies and talents across different industries.

To help and nurture the customers, they aimed to send personalized campaigns containing 5 profiles of talents that match their criteria of Job Function, Salary, Location, Years of Experience every week, however, the pre-condition was to not send the same profile again.

They also wanted to cater to the unsubscription issue to allow companies to set preferences, instead of unsubscribing from the system completely.

Hubspot & salesforce integration service
The Discovery

Understanding of the campaigns that were expected to be sent

During the discovery and scope definition phase, we learned the value of these nurturing emails as it would lead to conversion in the form of hiring the right talent via the platform.

We sought to understand through the video meets, the key data points for the bi-directional integration were determined for data fields mapping between HubSpot and salesforce. Understanding the data gaps, relations, data integrity was an important outcome of the discovery phase.

The details shared by the stakeholders, comparative study of the data fields, understanding of the campaigns that were expected to be sent, determination of the business rules for integration made the discovery phase successful and set the foundation of a strong solution.

Hubspot & salesforce integration
The Solution

Removing the need to move between different applications.

Memorres developed a middleware and custom solution for bi-directional integration between Salesforce and HubSpot along with setting up the preferences for the companies for relevant hiring campaigns.

We supported the automation workflow by sending the relevant profiles at a set frequency and alerting the same to the contact owners. The process was monitored for 3 months to ensure there was no profile redundancy due to millions of records existing in the salesforce database.

We also built a custom web panel to streamline the subscription process allowing the companies to set up their hiring preferences based on multi-disciplinary categories, locations, and profiles.

Integrations gave an insight to our client partner on how they can extend the potentials of their company-wide software by empowering their users with actionable data points. It simplified decision-making by obtaining and removing the need to move between different applications to get to data that would influence their decisions.

The Results

Improved the conversion rate.

The integration resulted in maintaining good relationships with customers since it helped companies to find talent faster.
It also increased the revenue potential with streamlining of the end-to-end nurturing process and improved the conversion rate.

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