Rithm is an all-in-one habit building, goal tracking mobile application designed towards keeping user habits on track and keep them motivated. Reaching goals and building habits takes time, but with this user-friendly application, users get from where they are to where they want to be.

Habit and goal tracking application to build habits and reach goals.






Consulting, Custom Chatbot, Dialog Flow, Mobile Application Development, Backend Development, AWS Cloud Management

implementation time

16 - 18 weeks
Habit tracker application logo
Logo design courtsey: Rithm
The Challenge

Paradigm shift towards building habits and reaching goals

We developed V1 for Rithm which was a chatbot app, that acted like your accountability coach for you, texting back and forth to track habits and stay accountable. It was a customized chat bot set up based on habits, reminders and schedules. The app had some good initial traction but could not sustain further. Our client partner, revisited the application and discussed the V2 version which was more towards building habits and reaching goals.

Rithm App Website
Habit tracker application screen
The Discovery

Need of a scalable, high-performing application with extensive testing.

Learned from the Rithm V1 launch, with the client’s extensive research into the power of habits, user behavior, and goal journey, we gathered and interpreted significant features and workflows to form a targeted and behavior-driven approach. This ensured the app is more human-oriented and acts as a motivator that would speak to a gamut of people who are willing to either replace old bad habits or build new good ones.

The incremental UI/UX discussion, clear business rules, feature scoping for multiple phases helped set the premise of scalable BDD and TDD-driven implementation of the mobile application at both frontend and backend levels.

As a result, we built a scalable, high-performing application with extensive regression, penetration testing.

The Solution

Providing information that is most relevant to customers.

To bring the client’s vision to life, a solution was implemented with the module-based approach wherein a team of designers, backend developers, frontend developers, QA, cloud solution architects worked in parallel across multiple touchpoints. Since the application involved multiple complex features, it was a pre-requisite to check the feasibility of the features on multiple iOS versions. To further resonate with users, we engaged, not just QAs, but all the users in the organization to use the application for almost 2 months to understand which tracking methods do they set the most ~ timer, counter, photo proof, and distance, what habit types are they creating, what goals types are being set, how are they managing the progress, do they like the motivations nudges, etc.

Our solution design and implementation approach demonstrated the ability to achieve the implementation of the complex feature with bug-free, timely, and high-quality delivery of the application. A supporting promotional landing page was built to allow users to download the app, learn more about the features and usage.

Integrating frontend, backend, UI/UX, cognitive cloud services, test cases, Memorres delivered a holistic solution. The content served to simplify the process of renovation and provided customers with information that was most relevant to them, wherever they were in their journey.

The Results

Great ratings and increased downloads.

The application got rave positive reviews of 4.6 in a short span of time. It was installed by 2.78K users. Already set for V3 planning with the aim to introduce cool features to keep the user motivated and engaged towards achieving goals and building great habits

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