Sporbit is a B2B web and mobile platform connecting sports academies with sports enthusiasts, coaches and companies. It connects sports enthusiasts with the right sports academy by bringing such academies, clubs & sports centers under one digital umbrella, increase awareness of sports in India and bring transparency on all levels.

Digitally Transform Indian Sports Ecosystem


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implementation time

8-6 weeks
The Problem Statement

Non existence of transparent digitally enabled sports system.

There is no existing transparent sports system in India that displays real-time statistics of sportsperson of any academy, resulting in losing visibility in national and international selections. Sporbit wanted one company to help them with all aspects of digital transformation from Planning, Conceptualizing, Branding, Development, Deployment, Go-To-Market, Maintenance, Marketing and even helping them with Pitch Deck support.

Logo Concept


A Hexagon is found throughout nature & in folklores and it is considered to be the most powerful shape in geometry. It symbolizes harmony and balance which are two important traits in the field of sports and are integral values of a sportsperson.

Sports players of various colors in the background tell a story that people from all walks of life are welcome to play any sport they like. These players also symbolize all the important qualities of a sportsperson.

Macbook Air
The Discovery

No comparison of available and nearby sports academies.

When we were tasked with creating an entire brand strategy that would resonate with both sports players and sports academies, we had this clear that the brand would need to communicate a sense of trust, reliability, stability, and simplicity to capture the target audience, while differentiating from the competitors.

We collaborated with Sporbit to conduct workshops on understanding different models offered by sports academies, amenities, packages, payment models, subscriptions, and the pain points of players while searching for academies to help us design and develop the targeted solutions.

We found that the Sports literacy in India is surprisingly low at 5.56%, there is no comparison of available and nearby sports academies on any digital platform based on amenities, games offered, coaches, packages, photos, and videos, which would play a key role in making the buying decisions. We also found that academies have differing priorities from the players and coaches.

The solution

A service offering that everyone loved.

Adapting to the discovery phase factors became integral to solution design and planning. As a result, Memorres proposed a service offering that academies loved to opt for showcasing themselves and players loved owing to the ease of searching, comparing, booking, flexible payments, and transparent scores.

To differentiate the brand, Sporbit brings transparency across all segments with non-tampered player stats, increasing sports literacy and bringing India on the international map in the sports domain. With strategic planning, targeted UI/UX engineering, scalable technical solutions, and the right marketing strategy in place for the system, the vision of Sporbit is met. Memorres and Sporbit defined a detailed process approach for achieving this goal.

For The players, offered browsing through the list, Compare pricing plans, View sports packages, Make ground bookings, Split the payment amount between group members, View stats transparency anytime.

For The Academies, we provided Better online visibility, Accessibility to a large user base, an increase in net revenue generation, Analytics based on value and revenue-based data points, Marketing without additional cost

By bringing sports academies transparently, players themselves would become the strongest brand advocates and influence the buying decision positively. Plus, making it honest, simple, and easy for players and academies to remember.

To position Sporbit in the market, we also considered pricing plans and processes extensively. We established a 2-year timeline for future development and promotion for extensive features. The goal is to achieve a transparent digital that would continually support players and academies and improve the sports literary rate in India giving the right opportunities for players.


The Results

A happy client with an awesome product

Leveraging its unique proposition, and player-first focus, Sporbit is all set to establish a foothold in the sports industry with definitive success.

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