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The solution aims to automate the manual process of toner ordering for B2B photocopier and printing solutions. The process results in automatic reading of alerts and notifications, a web interface showing visual graphs to display toner history and usage pattern to send orders to robot.

Online Ecommerce Store selling high quality customized car floor mats.






UI Design, Custom Development, E-Commerce Development, WooCommerce, WordPress

implementation time

10 weeks
Car accessories store logo illustration
Logo design courtesy: Road comforts
The Discovery

Reflect 30 years of experience through website.

During the discovery phase, we identified the experience and commitment of RoadComforts on delivering customers floor mats that are perfect in quality, functionality, value, and expectations.

The website’s UI and experience needed to reflect their 30 years of experience in floor mat engineering and manufacturing.

The customer journey was defined with the stakeholders in the discovery phase which allowed them to browse for their car make, model, year and select the different variations including rows of the cars, colors, etc.

The client also emphasized capturing the requests for the floor mats for specific car models that did not exist in their database, which had to be considered for scalability, as there were hundreds of combinations of car make year and model. As per demand, the client would choose which floor mats would be manufactured for selling further and the same would need to be added to the database.

Road Comfort Landing Page
Road Comfort Account Page
The Solution

Developing features including e-commerce with WordPress.

To establish the online identity of RoadComforts within the defined budget, time, and feature scope, we built a hybrid model for Road Comforts.

As we refined the requirements and established the flows, we were built a detailed version of the Information architecture, made during the discovery phase.

We also built user personas and a journey map of what the user’s journey would be based on the information we received from the client.

Our UI/UX team worked towards the foundation of quality, speed, and experience seamlessly integrating with the offline brand, following the core principles of conversion-based design. The development team’s hybrid module focused on developing website features including e-commerce workflow using WordPress and WooCommerce and an integrated custom module towards capturing the demand results and inquiries for custom mats with specified variations.

Our QA team created automation scripts for not just testing the whole workflow, but the major part was around custom floor mat demand testing for the models and variations that did not exist in RoadComfort’s database.

Integrating custom, woo-commerce, UI/UX, CI/CD, automated test cases, Memorres delivered an extensive solution. The content served to simplify the process of renovation and provided customers with information that was most relevant to them, wherever they were in their journey.

Car accessories store responsive illustration

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