Colors & Clicks

Colors &. Clicks is a sibling owned brand to promote their photography and paintings on digital platform and educate people about these art forms.

Redefining passion through creative branding.






Brand Identity, UI/UX, E-commerce.

implementation time

15 weeks
arts&photography logo illustration
The Problem

Collaboration of different genres.

Colors & clicks discussed the idea with us about how they want to showcase their work in photography and paintings on online platforms. The challenge was their work genres, values, and design taste was 180 degrees apart, so was the target audience.

Logo Concept

arts&photography logo concept

The thought behind the logo though appears to be simple and straight, still representing it visually which can connect with the target audience was critical for the success. With a more modern approach, we accomplished the expectations by combining “Camera aperture” and a “hand drawn circle” with brand name “Colors & Clicks”.

Colors & Clicks
Colors & Clicks-2
The Discovery

A balance is needed in the brand identity and design systems.

We took the owner interviews individually and combined them to understand their explicit and combined needs. We discovered since both were artists, the common attributes noticeable were thinking process and creativity.

Based on the interviews and meetings, we defined a balance is needed in the brand design and design systems to enable them to go to market with their respective strong individualness.

To connect with the audience and establish them as creative artists in their domains, the new, stronger logotype was supposed to have a subtle reference to their sibling connection and partnerships along with their type of work. The imagery was supposed to connect with their in-depth knowledge of the creative step-wise processes of photo capturing and painting, still making them a commercial fit from inquiry to delivery.

Project branding & collateral illustration
The Solution

Unique and simplistic logo concepts that covered the soul of both artists.

As a result of the discovery phase, the Branding team had a clear understanding of the vision and expectations.

We created unique and simplistic logo concepts that covered the soul of both artists. Using a freehand stroke that is how a first artist begins the fundamentals of sketching and painting and the camera lens that is the heart of photography, we designed the logo that impressed both the partners and met their vision.

We chose subtle colors that defined the artist’s approach towards hope, peace, and warmth that are reflected in their paintings and photos.

The business cards, letterheads, designs for wrapping the paintings, and frames with sustainable packaging were part of the brand kit deliverables.

On the website, we wanted to create a layout that ensured there both types of visitors get to not just see their artist’s photos and painting but also promote cross-selling in order to increase engagement and sales for both artist types. The design covered all bases and allowed us to ensure the entire brand was unique in its message and creative style.

Project final results

The Results

Incredible results and happy clients.

Memorres wisely and calmly understood our needs. Me and my sister being poles apart, had completely different views towards the brand tone and values. Their Branding team took various meetings with us to understand the intersection points and did a wonderful job with Branding by clubbing both of our needs.

Though we engaged them initially for only our Branding and UI/UX for the eCommerce & blog style website, however, their commitment, communication, and quality of work led us to extend the contract further. Now we are working on website development and marketing further.

Project illustration

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