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It’s not about making a website, it’s about establishing brand

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Apr 13, 2020 • 10 min read

Building a culture is a difficult thing but maintaining the heritage is even more so. People tend to move away to new and shinier things however the soul of heritage burns brighter. Pittora is built and maintained with the vision to empower and encourage Rajasthani heritage with the reach of digital platforms. Building the brand with a blend of Culture and Modern technology.

Building the website

Converting this vision into a tangible reality has been one of the most profound moments for “Memorres.com”. Building the brand with the sheer will of its amazing founders Aditi Sharma & Ambika Purohit and a careful blend of suitable technology have made this into one of the simple, lightweight, and reachable systems. Expanding the reachability for Userbase and ensuring trust is at the core of this system.

This eCommerce system is built using:

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

This helps in easy maintainability and update of the website and products. Mailchimp is being used as the mailing agent for emails and newsletters. Also, Figma is used for Design.

Marketing the Brand

Every brand begins with a story and this one is no exception. Women at the core of this have fought bigoted mentality, lack of support, and unprofessionalism of those around them but endured as their dreams rang true. When they met the Memorres team, they found a support team that could make their vision come true. A Team that did, not only the setup of their digital solution but also supported in establishing them as a brand with compassion and proper marketing. May it be finding a suitable model for their product showcase or setting up Sari Story challenges during the Covid-19 slowdown on Instagram.

Memorres not just care about setting up your website, but also establishing your brand. We believe in a long-term investment with happy clients because those are difficult to make but totally worth it.

Getting these words from the Pittora founders for our team have made this journey all the more sweeter:

Team discussion illustration

Reach out to us for setting up your product dream into a digital reality and find a team with compassion and skills to make this come true. Check out http://memorres.com/ or reach out at sales@memorres.com to start your journey today.


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