Measurely-A scientific platform to administer PROMs and monitor mental health treatment outcomes.


Mental health professionals play a crucial role in supporting individual well-being and fostering a healthier society. However, administrative burdens can often divert their focus from what truly matters: building meaningful connections with patients and delivering the best possible care. Enter Tim, a passionate and tech-savvy clinical psychologist, who envisioned a future where technology could empower clinicians and transform mental health care.

Tim's dream was a platform that could streamline administrative tasks, such as assessments and data collection, freeing up valuable time for clinicians to deepen patient engagement, personalize treatment plans, and ultimately, achieve impactful outcomes. This shared dream sparked a collaborative journey between Tim and the team at memorres, leading to the creation of Measurely.

Software-as-a-service platform


A platform that would streamline administrative tasks, empowering clinicians to foster impactful treatment outcomes.


Tim's vision, while noble, presented a challenge – building a platform that could simultaneously streamline administrative tasks, empower clinicians to deliver high-quality care, and foster impactful treatment outcomes. This journey required us to navigate a complex landscape riddled with challenges that demanded innovative solutions and unwavering dedication.

Grasping the Intricacies of Outcome Measures: Understanding and accurately measuring patient progress is paramount in mental healthcare. However, the world of outcome measures is intricate and constantly evolving, encompassing various standardized assessments, each with its own unique scoring system and interpretation guidelines. We needed to decipher the nuances of these measures, ensuring their  integration while maintaining clinical accuracy.

Navigating the Spectrum of Symptom Severity: Mental health conditions manifest in a diverse range of symptoms, each with varying degrees of severity. Accurately capturing and tracking symptom severity over time is crucial for effective treatment planning and monitoring. We needed to create a system that could effectively capture this complexity while remaining user-friendly.

Understanding the Nuances of Patient Progress: Evaluating patient progress in mental healthcare is delicate, requiring a holistic understanding of the individual's journey. This includes not only symptom severity but also factors like functional improvement, quality of life, and overall well-being. We needed to equip Measurely with the ability to capture and analyze this multifaceted data, providing a comprehensive picture of their patients' progress.

Marrying Sophistication with User-friendliness: Integrating powerful features like data analytics and smart tagging into the platform was crucial for its functionality. However, these features could easily become overwhelming for busy clinicians.

Catering to a Spectrum of User Needs: Mental health professionals operate in diverse environments, ranging from individual practitioners to large institutions. Each setting comes with unique needs and resources. We needed to develop a flexible and adaptable subscription model that could cater to this diverse ecosystem.

These challenges highlighted the immense complexity of building a platform that could effectively bridge the gap between Tim's vision and the realities of the mental healthcare landscape. In the next section, we will explore the discovery and solution phases of this project, detailing how we navigated these challenges and ultimately brought Tim's vision to life.


Two weeks of complimentary workshops laid the groundwork for crafting final solutions.

The journey towards Measurely's innovative SaaS platform began with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by mental health professionals. This initial phase, known as the discovery phase, laid the groundwork for crafting solutions that directly addressed the needs identified through collaborative efforts.

In-Depth Workshops and Discussions: We started on a collaborative journey with Tim, through two weeks of complimentary discovery workshops. These interactive sessions fostered an open and engaging environment, allowing us to delve into the specific pain points and expectations of mental health professionals within the clinical setting.

Needs Assessment and Prioritization: Through open dialogue and active listening, we gained a comprehensive understanding of the most pressing challenges faced by clinicians in their daily practice. This needs assessment process involved prioritizing the identified challenges to ensure the development efforts were directed towards the areas of greatest impact.

Empathy Mapping and User Persona Development: To gain a deeper understanding of clinicians' thought processes, emotions, and experiences, we employed empathy mapping techniques. This approach helped us identify user needs, frustrations, and desired outcomes. Additionally, we developed user personas that represented the various types of clinicians who would be utilizing the platform.
Customer Journey Analysis: We meticulously analyzed the customer journey of mental health professionals, from initial patient intake to ongoing treatment management. This analysis provided insights into the touch-points where a platform like Measurely could add value and streamline workflows.

Open Communication and Collaboration: Throughout the discovery phase, we maintained open communication channels with Tim, ensuring alignment with his vision for Measurely. This collaborative approach fostered a sense of shared ownership and ensured the final solution resonated with Tim's goals for transforming mental healthcare delivery.

The insights gleaned from the discovery phase formed the foundation for the development process. This comprehensive understanding of the needs, challenges, and user journeys of mental health professionals equipped us to create targeted solutions and design a user-centric platform that addressed the identified pain points effectively.




From Discovery to Delivery: Streamlining Mental Healthcare with Measurely's SaaS Platform

Having identified the intricate challenges within the mental health domain, we embarked on a collaborative journey to craft solutions that addressed Tim's vision and the needs of mental health professionals. This journey involved several key stages, each playing a crucial role in the development of Measurely's innovative SaaS platform.

Understanding Needs and Challenges: Through in-depth workshops and discussions, we collaborated closely with Tim to gain understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by mental health professionals in their daily practice. This discovery phase formed the foundation for developing solutions that directly addressed these pain points.

User-Centered Design Approach: Leveraging our UI/UX consulting expertise, we employed user personas, empathy maps, and customer journey analyses to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both the Measurely platform and website. This human-centered approach ensured the platform was easy to navigate and use, empowering clinicians to seamlessly integrate it into their workflows and focus on patient care.

Addressing Business Gaps and Creating a Roadmap: During the initial stages of the project, we worked collaboratively with Tim to identify business gaps within the mental healthcare landscape. Based on the insights, we co-created a strategic roadmap that outlined the development process.

Software Audit and Analysis: To inform our development strategy, we conducted a thorough audit of existing software, assessing its capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This analysis revealed limitations in scalability and maintainability, ultimately leading to the decision to build a new SaaS solution from the ground up.

SaaS Platform Infrastructure Development: Our team of experienced engineers developed a robust and scalable infrastructure specifically tailored to support the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model of Measurely. This infrastructure was designed to ensure high availability, security, and performance, meeting the demands of a growing user base.

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Notion and HubSpot Integrations: Recognizing the importance of seamless data flow and workflow integration, we incorporated Notion and HubSpot integrations into the platform. These integrations allow clinicians to centralize patient data and automate administrative tasks, saving valuable time and effort.

Additional Features and Functionalities: Beyond the aforementioned solutions, we implemented a range of additional features and functionalities specifically designed to empower clinicians and streamline workflows. These features include:

12 Algorithmic Tags: Categorize symptom change during treatment, providing valuable insights into patient progress.
Reliable Change Calculations: Account for measurement error to determine the statistical reliability of score changes.
User-Defined Change Calculations: Allow clinicians to customize calculation methods for evaluating reliable change.
Missing and Overdue Assessment Tracking: Facilitate timely follow-up and ensure patients stay engaged in treatment.
Patient Risk Monitoring: Notify clinicians of potential red flags identified during assessments.
Assessment Reviews: Track the status of assessments and identify those requiring review.
Treatment Outcomes Analytics: Provide comprehensive data analysis tools to evaluate treatment effectiveness.
Care Episode Tracking: Keep clinicians updated on each patient's stage of treatment.
Interactive Charts and Validated Symptom Severity Ranges: Visually represent patient progress and symptom severity.

Meticulous Development: The development phase involved the execution of the development plan, adhering to best practices and coding standards. Regular updates and checkpoints ensured alignment with project goals and Tim's vision.

Comprehensive Testing: To ensure stability, reliability, and user-friendliness, we conducted comprehensive regression testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This rigorous testing process identified and addressed any potential issues before deployment.

Successful Deployment and Ongoing Support: The new SaaS solution was successfully deployed, ensuring a smooth transition for users. We established a well-defined maintenance and support plan for ongoing improvements and issue resolution, guaranteeing Measurely remains a reliable and valuable tool.


The development of Measurely's SaaS solution has empowered mental health professionals.

Reduced administrative burden: Integrations and automated features have significantly reduced the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing clinicians to dedicate more time to patient interaction and care.

Improved data accessibility and analysis: Measurely provides a centralized platform for collecting and analyzing patient data, facilitating data-driven decision-making and improved treatment planning.

Improved patient outcomes: Measurely empowers clinicians with efficient tools to facilitate communication, collaboration, and personalized care planning, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Enhanced treatment monitoring and evaluation: Measurely's data-driven tools provide valuable insights into patient progress, allowing clinicians to monitor treatment effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

Increased access to care: The SaaS model enables scalability and affordability, potentially making mental health services more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

Empowering clinicians and fostering innovation: By streamlining workflows and providing valuable data insights, Measurely empowers clinicians to focus on personalized care and continue innovating in the field of mental healthcare.

We empower businesses across diverse sectors to leverage the power of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. From streamlining workflows in healthcare to transforming operations in any other industry, our team of experts can guide you through every step of the development process.

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Delight and enjoyment are words that come readily to mind about working with this team. A standout aspect of my experience has been the professionalism of Ranjana and her colleagues. It has been extremely reassuring to collaborate with people who communicate so precisely and clearly. Such communication has been a feature of their interactions with me. Also apparent is a sense of calmness and containment, which I have greatly valued. 

Often I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that the team has understood intricate details that I expected would require lengthy clarification. They understand what we are trying to accomplish rapidly and ask pertinent questions, which highlight their understanding of the subject matter. I'm so much looking forward to continuing this journey of pure innovation and achievement together.

Timothy Deitz

Founder & Clinical Psychologist

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