From Australia to Finland, USA to Singapore, we provide Consulting & Software services to our clients from our home town Jaipur, India. Our multi-disciplinary team leverages design, strategy and technology to provide solutions that are usable and maintainable.

Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IOT) enables remote monitoring for millions of patients by capturing and analyzing their health parameters, provides security to your family members by sharing location in panic situations, reduces thefts by alarming in case of noise or movement detection, analyzing trends to create great shopping experiences, save money by managing critical machinery pro-actively and there is lot more it. IoT brings the concept of smart objects which is more focused on M2M (Machine-2-Machine) communication than H2M (Human-2-Machine) or M2H (Machine-2-Human) communication.

We leverage our technology expertise, functional experience and hardware-specific knowledge and provide solutions for devices to seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. At Memorres, we have a dedicated team who only shared their inputs & suggests over IoT but also conduct PoCs for our Clients on IoT domain.