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To design & develop a maintainable solution is permanent, rest all is temporary. We designed, developed & maintained a high quality e-commerce store for a high-quality Men's Apparel Brand, proudly continuing.


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Our brief was to create a “Mantastic” e-commerce site with unique feature of Virtual Fitting where users can see how the clothes look on different sized people, but at the same time, make it easier for customers to purchase products and encourage brand loyalty. Within a short time span, the brand gained popularity and site was expected to meet the growth trend.

Our Solution

We designed minimalistic website that helps customers focus on products without any distractions.

Shop page was designed to showcase categories in a clean way allowing users to find products easily. Checkout process was kept simple to encourage quick purchase.

formal friday
Services Provided

WooCommerce Online Store, Integrations, Optimization, Parallax

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