Striving for perfection, we at Memorres believe in delivering
on-time solutions bound within the quality constraints. Let's just say "Converting your ideas into reality like Grand Masters"

Memorres foundation was laid with a vision of being known as “People’s Company”, people being our self-driven passionate team and our valued client partners.We encourage a workplace where team is empowered to showcase their potential and learn something new everyday to become a better version of themselves.

We are committed to build strong long-term partnership with our clients and strengthen their business by helping them to stay aligned with current in this ever-transforming digital world and delivering solutions that add value to their businesses.



Our innovative team is constantly studying the digital space from business logic and technological aspects.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with business models driven by digital advancements helps businesses to curb the competition and find revenue streams for growth.


We work as ONE TEAM with our clients. We are curious and forward thinkers, hence we are open and communicative. With our clients we follow a structured approach and jointly find an efficient & optimal solution. Our goal is partnering with our clients over time, building transparent and long-term relationships.

We understand client's business along with the problem they are trying to solve and the constraints of timeline and cost. After few meetings and QA rounds, we document scope of work that serves as a base of solution to be developed.

To help client visualise how their solution would work, we present an interactive prototype that covers the workflow of the complete solution.

Solutions are developed using our own development methodology that takes benefit of Agile & Dev-Ops as per solution requirement. Applications are developed using a range of appropriate technologies.

We believe in pixel perfect deliveries which is the reason why we look at the solution with eagle's eye from visual and functional aspects.

Our role does not end at deploying the solution. As client's business grows, support them in the digital growth by ensuring their solution evolves be it with new features or changes in existing features, facilitating growth.

Join us Memorres


We love to add open & talented people in our team.

If you are willing to push your boundaries to drive innovation and contribute in making this world a better place through digital solutions, click below to see vacancies.

If you do not find yourself fit for open positions, but still believe in our values, send your resume at hr@memorres.com


A Message from our CEO

Ranjan Thanvi-CEO

"The term 'entrepreneurship' encompasses more than just business, profit, loss, and risks. It is about people, emotions, attitude, creativity, challenges, failures, knock-downs, raising-up, and life. And in the world we are seeing today, the one who can balance all these with a calm mind is the one who succeeds.

Memorres with the said philosophy began its journey 5 years ago. With the untiring zeal of the team and its acknowledging client partners, we stand with our head high today.

As an entrepreneur, I have the ultimate goal to build up a people's company where we use technology to help humans, businesses, the environment, and animals. With my brilliant team, we are inching towards our goal every day.

We feel proud to say that our dream of becoming a quality company has been laid down with a strong foundation in these 5 years. Today Memorres is one of the valued IT consulting and software development companies In India because of the high quality and delivery standards it has set for itself in providing maintainable solutions and living up to its mission.

I have always believed that "if something is good, appreciate it and learn from it to grow yourself/your services/your product. If something is not good, think about how you can make it better, if given a choice." We believe we will continue to lead with the standards and help others in the domain with the best of our capabilities."

Thank You Ranjana Thanvi

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